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What strategy will Polaris take with the Victory Charger?

There is relatively little information known about the Victory Charger by Polaris. What we do know is that Polaris bought Brammo's motorcycle division and has proceeded to file a trademark application for the "Victory Charger". What can we speculate about Polaris' overall strategy with the Charger though? Allow me to entertain you with the possibilities.

The acquisition of Brammo tells us for certain that Polaris will be using Brammo's drivetrains in the Victory Charger, but what type of bike will the Victory Charger. There are two possibilities.

The first possibility is that the Victory Charger will simply be a rebadged Brammo Empulse. Such a move would have both pros and cons. On the good side, this would allow Polaris to bring its electric bike to market quickly, which is a big plus since there is a bit of a race right now between Polaris and Harley-Davidson as to which company will be bringing a mass produced electric bike to the market first. This rebadged bike wouldn't be that new, but it could benefit from the reputation for quality that the Victory badge would bring with it.

The con is that such a bike would break with Victory's design language. It could be seen as a cop out. Harley-Davidson's Livewire concept breaks with traditional cruiser styling as well. That means that rebadging the Empulse could put Victory on par with Harley-Davidson in terms of design, or it could be a missed opportunity to to beat Harley-Davidson at its own game with the first electric cruiser.

The other option is for Victory to build a brand new bike. As I said before, this would be a good move because Victory could offer the first electric cruiser to market. The con is that this move would take quite a while to enact. It would take years of development and testing to create a wholly new bike. It is possible that Polaris has been secretly developing such a bike for a while now, and is one step ahead of the game, but if development started recently, Polaris will be battling against time to get its bike to market before Harley-Davidson does the same with theirs.

So, given the lay of the land, which path do you believe Polaris will take with the Victory Charger?
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